The most popular project management software tools

There are many popular tools, which make project managers’ life easier. But there are no software products, which actually can replace project managers. However, when it comes to activities, which can help automate some processes or just make them easier, some software products are really helpful.


  • MS-Project (and other Microsoft Office tools such as Excel)
  • JIRA
  • And others

What project managers can reach using project management tools?

There many advantages which can be received by using a management tool. For example, critical path determination, project budget calculation, EVM and other calculations or even visualization which allows to save time and be more precise. Actually, the amount of provided options is numerous and depends exclusively on the tools themselves. Nowadays, it impossible to imagine managers who do their work without any tools.

What kind of tool should you use?

It actually depends on project management methodology you use. For example, MS Project is easy to use with Waterfall methodology because it has Gantt chart and allows calculating budget, schedule and other constraints whereas JIRA can be used for projects, which are managed using Scrum or Kanban methodologies. Of course, we should remember about the price, ability to integrate with other software tools used in the company and other aspects.

Thus, when you choose project management software, you mostly should pay attention to your internal constraints, such as methodology, internal agreements, PMO directives, etc.

Is there a software tool which can replace project managers?

No, it's impossible. A tool can help project managers to calculate schedule or budget, however project management practices are very complex. Only people are able to control aspects such as resource management, procurement management and others. These activities cannot be done by a computer.

Example of a tool (MS Project):

project management tool