Project management

This articles will provide you with an overview of PM. I will start with basic concepts such as project, people who perform activities, etc. Please note this is just a quick overview.

What is Project?

First, let’s determine what the word project actually means. Project is a temporary attempt which is taken in order to create a unique service, product, improvement or result within different constraints such as time, budget, scope, quality, etc. It’s important to understand that:

  • a project has a defined beginning and end in terms of time (while it can take days or years)
  • it is not a routine operation (e.g. regular bookkeeping activities is not a project)

Project is finished once the project goal is reached or there is no need to continue the project (e.g. there is a new technology and the project is not needed or customer/project sponsor does not want to have/support project anymore). A project team may include people from different organizations and even countries. 

What is Project Management?

Now we can go further and determine another definition. Project management is the set of skills, techniques, tools, practices to achieve the project goals and meet the required acceptance (success) criteria (or requirements) within different constraints. 

Project management has five groups of processes: 

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Controlling and Monitoring
  • Closing 

Normally projects are managed using different project management approaches or methodologies. However, the five process groups mentioned above are applied to all projects (regardless industry). 

Project Managers

We should also mention that there is a person (or persons) who normally responsible for the project and its management. This person usually called Project Manager. He (she) is a professional who is able to manage all aspects of projects such as resources, requirements, schedule, budget, risks, etc... Usually, some processes can be managed by a group of people, this groups is named Project Management Team. The group may include any people who have some authority.

What does it mean to manage a project?

The question relates to different activities which are done by project manager or project management team. Here some examples of such activities:

  • Time/scope/budget management
  • Requirements management
  • Communication management
  • Risks management
  • Procurement management
  • Resources management
  • etc. 

The list will be explained in detail within different articles on this website. 

The subject is actually very big; the goal of this article is only to provide you with some insights regarding management of projects.